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Caroline Davie

I began working with Gilberto 18 months ago after sustaining a high level spinal cord injury at c4. I was just over a year post injury when I began working with Gilberto. I was very much in need of hands on Physio as my nhs physiotherapy had came to end, having been deemed unlikely to make any more progress with my rehabilitation efforts. Although my injury was an incomplete one and I had some movement below my injury level, I had very limited functional abilities, relying on a power wheel chair for mobility and a large package of care to meet my daily needs. After 18 months of working intensively with Gilberto, I have completely regained my independence and can now now walk short distances indoors with a Zimmer frame and orthotic splint. The rehabilitation process has been very challenging but Gilberto has been a great support helping me to remain motivated and focused on achieving my goals throughout the process! He has vast knowledge in his field and is very skilled and persistent in his approach to rehabilitation. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to further their rehabilition efforts following a neurological injury or illness.